Computer Repair and Services

Computer Board with Memory

Timely Service- We pride ourselves on getting to your needs quickly.

Quality Repairs- Quality meaning is a grade of excellence. So what do we mean be saying quality repairs? Ever had a virus and called the computer guy or gal to fix it and then only to have the same problem come back or lose all your pictures and email contacts. That was not quality computer repair. When we say quality we know that means we must live up too. So if you are tired of losing pictures and still having problems call us and remember we are the PC Virus Techs.

Honest Service- Being taught that honesty is the best policy we are always upfront about cost. We know our reputation and respect ride on honesty. If your computer needs a new hard drive then that all it gets. No additional parts or up-sells. We want you to always call us for your computer needs. So we will be truthful with our customers.

Professional Technicians– Our staff each has over 10 years of computer experience. What this mean for the customer? Having experienced technicians help you save money as the customer. No guess work we will fix the problem and save your data, timely and economically. Microsoft certified systems engineer and CompTIA A+ Certified technicians.

Virus Removal Experts- Tired of hearing the word “REFORMAT”. We understood the need to avoid reformatting and causing data loss. So we perfected our skills at virus removal to better serve our customers. Having anti-virus/spyware software is a necessity but unfortunately one software package can’t catch them all. So why not install more. That will not work either because this will end up slowing down your system plus some software packages will not allow more than one. So what do you do? Well that where we come in. You are going to get viruses or spyware. Instead of dealing with it and dreading losing your data, call us. We work hard so you don’t loss your data and have to start over.

Don’t waste your time standing in line only to find out that the squad of geeks can’t help you. If you truly want the best, call us today.