Maintenance Inside The Case

Maintenance Inside The CaseJanuary 13, 2012

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Have ever took off the case and looked at your computer from the inside?  If you have or have not you should, here is why.  Dust clogs the vents in your computers causing the CPU to heat up.  Heat is the biggest cause of component failure in computers.  Cleaning these dust clogs can help save money on costly maintenance fees down the road.

So how do I clean these clogs safely?  First unplug the power cord.  Anytime you take the case off unplug the power cord first.  Couple of items you will need screwdriver and a can of compressed air.  Now using the screwdriver remove the side of the case opposite of your motherboard.  Touch as little as possible inside the computer, keep fingers away from cards and cords.  Blow air around all the components, keeping the nozzle about four inches from them.  Blow air into the power supply and into the fans.  Last blow air into the floppy disk and CD drives.

It recommended doing this every three months if the case sit in the floor, if you have pets that shed, or are a smoker.  Otherwise, every six months is fine.  Maintaining a dust free computer is important, helping to prevent over-heating..